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One Person Ticket for the training script within the participation in the ANCIENT BREAD SEMINAR, in English online.

Once you purchase the ticket, we will send you a link to the online format. The seminar materials is mainly this script ebook. Than you will be able to join the international group to meet up once online and not only to watch and listen to our trainer, but also to have a chat on ancient bakes with other attendees.

Our food/culture anthropologist & chef reenactor will train you on ancient bakes and how they relate to the present. You will be able to ask questions before by sending them by one email message.

👌 During our seminar you will learn:

• What were ancient bread types and how they differ from the present bread types.

• What sort of leavening agents were used, when and why.

• What is the difference between lent & hungry gap bread and festivity bread.

• What ancient plants, grains and herbs, were used in baking bread and how you can multiply it or recreate it nowadays.

• What types of pottery was directly related to bread making.

• What are the ethnic differences among many types of bread and why actually there are so many bread types.

Overall, we'll show the illustrations and videos, and will talk about:

- ethnic bread diversity,

- combining herbs and bread,

- arxhaeobotanical issues,

- ancient bread,

- ancient grains,

- glutenfree bread types,

- use of toxic herbicides in cereals' cultivation,

- lactic fermentation of bread dough,

- lent bread types,

- bread related pottery,

- etc.

The seminar summary material will be available to those who cannot attend online.

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